Maths on Screen

 Title Age Suited For? Maths Content
What's the Trick? Ideal for Years 8-10,but the content is accessible to a very wide age group. Even primary school children will enjoy the games, while there are many ideas here to stimulate Year 11 upwards. Games and tricks involving simple algebra, strategy, factors, multiplication of fractions, proof and a bit of probability. Lots of activities that you can replicate in the classroom.
Weird and Wonderful Maths Ideal for Years 9-11, but there's content here to challenge Year 12+, and the accessible interactive style means Year 8s and younger will enjoy it too. A diverse range of ideas including geometry, optimisation, fractals, probability, vibration, infinite series, pi, Benford's Law and shapes of constant width.
Are you Feeling Lucky? Ideal for Years 9-11, but there are many ideas suitable for Year 12+ and adults here. The statistics and probability behind coincidences and the lottery. Randomness, fractals and a mention of 'complex numbers'.
From Juggling to Jazz Ideal for Years 9-11, but many segments here that are accessible to younger audiences too. Your music teachers will enjoy the 'Music Formula' show. Patterns, sequences and combinations. Powers. Sine waves.
Rollercoasters and Other Flying Objects Ideal for Years 10-12, but the topics here will appeal to a much wider age group, even primary school children love rollercoasters and boomerangs. Good STEM and careers material. Maths that is of a particular interest to engineers: circle properties including circumference; estimation; centrifugal and other forces; reflection; angular speed and momentum.
Geometry in the real world Ideal for Years 10-12, but viewed in segments, younger audiences will enjoy some of this content. Good STEM and careers material. Minimising curves and surfaces, vibration and frequency, similar triangles, parallax.


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