Maths on Screen

Who are these DVDs relevant for?
The DVDs are relevant for students of maths and maths enthusiasts of any age; perfect for pupils who are already interested in mathematics as well as those who need inspiring. All are ideal for students aged 14 - 16 - some are also suitable for slightly younger or slightly older students.

Who are the speakers on the DVDs?
All the talks filmed are by well-known professionals from the media, business and academic worlds – they are all Maths Inspiration speakers.

Can I book to see a live show?
Yes! Visit the Maths Inspiration website to find out when the team will be performing near you.

Are the DVDs filmed during a performance with an audience present?
Yes, as it is our intention to capture, as closely as possible, both the "live" nature of the performance and the feeling of being a member of that audience: All lectures were filmed in front of audiences of school pupils at Greenwich Theatre.

What formats are the DVDs available in?
All DVDs are NTSC, multi-region and suitable for DVD players around the world.

Are the prices quoted inclusive of VAT?
The DVDs are quoted exclusive of VAT.  VAT will not be payable by customers outside the European Union (EU), as long as delivery is outside the EU.

What happens when I place an order via the online shop?
We will send you a confirmation email, with full details of your order, showing all costs, including VAT (if applicable) and delivery.

What if my organisation needs an invoice?
Please note that any online order will receive a confirmation email giving full payment details, including VAT (if applicable) and delivery costs. However, if you have to have a pro-forma (advance) invoice, simply contact us and we can send you one (UK only). You can then complete your order in the usual way.

My organisation wants to pay by cheque. How does this work?
Please note that payment by cheque is available to UK Schools only. When placing your order select the Pay By Cheque button. We will then email you confirmation of your order and an order number. You should then post us a cheque for the full amount, together with your order number, to Maths on Screen Limited, 20 Thayer Street, London, W1U 2DD. Once cleared, we will process your order. Cheques should be made out to Maths on Screen Limited.

What happens if I have a problem placing my order?
Email us at or call during UK office hours on (+44) (0)20 3174 3249 and we'll be happy to help.



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