Maths on Screen

Maths on Screen was set up specially to film and release DVDs of Maths Inspiration lectures, the brain-child of maths populariser Rob Eastaway. Rob is the author of the best-selling Maths for Mums and Dads and fifteen other maths- and sports-related books, writes for The Times, Guardian and other media, and often appears on radio and TV. Introducing each DVD is TV personality and Maths Inspiration guru Matt Parker.

Co-founder of the company is Phil Rees, who also set up sister company Stage on Screen, staging and filming English and Drama set text stage plays for DVD and download.


Top presenters from mathematics, business, academia and TV

Maths Inspiration shows have been a great success, reaching to date well over 100,000 students. The latest lectures which we’ve filmed for DVD are aimed at a broad range of students aged 13-17 (each DVD has an indicator of the age group that it’s best suited to - see also our Teacher Notes). This covers Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5 (pupils aged 13-17) in the UK, GCSE or International Baccalaureate, and also for English-speaking maths curriculums overseas - our DVDs are used in over 20 countries, including the USA, Canada and New Zealand, plus International Schools everywhere.

The lecturers are all well-known personalities in their fields. They include BBC Sky At Night presenter Lucie Green, Channel 4 documentary presenter and engineer Hugh Hunt, and BBC science expert Steve Mould. Their use of film, slides, music and some weird and wonderful props really helps engage the audience – and it shows!


Proven ways to bring maths to life

There are six separate DVDs, each with two maths shows of around 35-40 minutes each plus Q&As – about 90 minutes total for each DVD. That means teachers can easily use the DVD as a resource across two lessons. They’re also great for maths home schooling, or for study at home.

The shows are inspirational and fun – but even more importantly, a proven way of getting students to engage with maths and to see its relevance in the world around them and in the careers they might want to pursue.


Order your DVDs now

Details of each show are on our Maths DVDs page and you can buy them directly from there. They’re available for fast delivery within the UK and EU for £12 each or £60 for all six (inc. VAT) and anywhere else worldwide for £10 each or £50 for all six. Postage and packaging outside Europe is free for all orders of three discs or more.

So why not order your copies now


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