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 Over 1,800 students and teachers attended the five live Maths Inspiration "What's the Point?" shows last week at the Greenwood Theatre in London. They were treated to some great live maths cunningly wrapped up in presentations that featured everything from football penalty technology to how to locate a serial killer. Along the way we had Dr Hannah Fry pretending to be a pigeon in a computer game she designed, Paul Shepherd showing how to build football stadiums that don't fall down,  Roma Agrawal revealing triangles are the secret behind the Shard, Rob Eastaway demonstrating the power of group co-operation by offering to give away £100 to pupils, and Matt Parker hosting all the shows with great aplomb.

Thanks to all who came and we hope to see you at the next shows. For those who couldn't make it, or who would like the chance to enjoy previous live shows or use them in the classroom,  many of the speakers are featured on our DVDs

Here are just a few of the dozens of positive comments we received from teachers:

"Great! Kids need more of this: seeing the real life application of what they learn in schools."

Quintin Kynaston School

"Great Experience, students will take a lot back to the classroom."

Bacon’s College

"Well organised, engaging speakers, excellent links to real life."

Glynn School

"Thought the speakers were very engaging, and the students enjoyed it. Well Done!"

Brentwood School


Thanks again to all who attended, and particular thanks to Trudy Lewis for organising the bookings so well.

Written by Peter Wise — October 09, 2014

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